Why is there a monthly fee and a rental fee?

There are two fees because that helps us keep the rental costs down without having to resort to having ad revenue. The monthly fee helps with server and storage costs. And the rental fee helps with bandwidth and buying more movies.

What are the fees?

We try and keep things simple here.
$.99 – If the movie was only released as a DVD (Roughly 480p resolution). OR the movie is less that 60 minutes in length. OR the movie is black & white due to the time of it’s release. This excludes modern movies that were intentionally made to be black & white instead of color. Schindler’s List is a good example of this exception
$1.99 – If the movie was released as a Blu-Ray (1080P resolution).
$2.99 – If the movie was release as 4K (COMING SOON!)
$2.99 – For TV shows. This is per season! TV Shows will only rent by season and not by individual episodes.

What are the resolutions?

All movies are bought as Blu-Rays if possible. This doesn’t mean that the movie will stream at 1080p. We have some movies that are older and even though we bought the Blu-Ray version, it is still streaming at the max resolution it is able to. Sometimes that will be at 480p.

Can you give us more information on how you stream?

Unlike most rental services, we buy every DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K disc. We Run a dedicated server, with 1Gbps speed. We encode at the highest bitrate we can. We encode a variable bitrate as well. So we don’t reduce the bitrate for the purpose of streaming. We want the member to be able to experience the movie as if they had the disc themselves.
Our format is H.264 and using the .mp4 container. We have to use .mp4 since that is the only container that is supported by all the browsers. When the browsers start supporting the newer forms of compression, we will re-encode to help the user save on bandwidth costs.

Why no 4K?

Currently we are looking into how to bring 4K content to the user without sacrificing the experience. Encoding 4K at the highest bitrate and resolution is a very CPU and GPU intensive process. And currently we don’t have the means to be able to do that encoding cost effectively.

How long do I have to watch a movie or TV show?

All movies have a time limit of 72 hours. This clock starts the minute you finish checking out.
TV Show seasons have a time limit of 30 days. This clock starts the minute you finish checking out.

Why do I have to reenter my credit card number when making a purchase?

We don’t automatically make the credit card you used for the monthly membership, the default credit card for your rental purchases. If you want to use the same card for both, then go into your account, click on the Billing tab, and click the little button under Default. This will now let you use that card for rental purchases from now on. And you will no longer have to reenter all your information

Where can I contact to make suggestions?

For all suggestions, movie requests and general thoughts, please email us movies@onlysfw.media